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Why choose Intent Agency for hiring a domestic helper from overseas?

Intent Agency has decided to discontinue hiring from the largest foreign domestic worker communities in Hong Kong, namely Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers, and instead focus on recruiting domestic helpers from Sri Lanka. The company has found that managing Sri Lankan domestic helpers is easier due to their smaller community size in Hong Kong and their simple and humble lifestyle, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Upon receiving inquiries from clients, our employment center takes the time to thoroughly understand their requirements. We then search our database for suitable foreign domestic helper candidates. To facilitate better communication and understanding between employers and domestic helpers, we arrange Zoom video conferences. Through these video conferences, employers can have face-to-face interactions with the domestic helpers, allowing them to get to know each other’s personalities, experiences, and abilities, thus ensuring the selection of the most suitable foreign domestic worker. This process helps build trust and understanding between both parties, leading to better service provision.

Intent Agency aims to establish long-term and mutually trusting relationships with employers, domestic helpers, and agencies, with a focus on valuing customer relationships and promoting innovation. We specialize in the recruitment of domestic helpers from Sri Lanka, believing that they will surpass domestic helpers from other countries.

Overview of Sri Lankan Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

Currently, in Hong Kong, apart from domestic helpers from the Philippines, India, and Thailand, there is also a small number of foreign domestic helpers from Sri Lanka.

Due to the long history of British colonial rule, a majority of Sri Lankans are able to speak English. Therefore, Sri Lankan domestic helpers in Hong Kong primarily communicate with their employers in English, although the official language in Sri Lanka is Sinhala.

Generally, Sri Lankan domestic helpers who come to work in Hong Kong have completed secondary education and possess basic English language skills. As most Sri Lankans practice Buddhism, they often gather in the Central area and temples during their leisure time for socializing and conversations. The Sri Lankan New Year, which falls on April 14th in the Gregorian calendar, is the most significant national holiday, and employers may choose to grant their domestic helpers leave on this day.

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