• The employer must be a Hong Kong resident with a Hong Kong identity card.
  • Proof of Income. Minimum requirements to hire a foreign domestic helpers overall income over HK$15,000 or comparable savings to cover the 2 year contract term HK$360,000.
  • Original bank letter : List the applicant’s annual salary. If the employer fails to provide proof of personal interest, it can be provided by other family members. A copy of the marriage certificate can prove the relationship between husband and wife. If the marriage certificate is lost or not available, a birth certificate of a child can be used to prove the relationship between the two.
  • Proof of address : Water, Electricity, Gas, Phone, cable TV, or home broadband bills within the last three months (spouse’s name can be used, but marriage certificate is required), can be used for proof of address. If you live in public housing, please provide the documentary proof from the Housing Department.
  • Information of family members living in residence : Full name in English, date of birth and ID number (Passport number or birth certificate number is also acceptable)
  • Guarantee Letter : If the applicant wants to hire a helper for parents or family members living in another residence, the guarantor will need to present a family member relationship certificate and an additional guarantee letter to ensure that the relevant expenses will be paid by the guarantor.
  • The monthly salary of the foreign domestic helpers is $4,870
  • Under the standard employment contract for hiring foreign domestic helpers, employers are required to provide the foreign domestic helper with food free of charge or choose to pay a food allowance in lieu.  The food allowance is not less than $1,236 per month.
  • INTENT Foreign Employment Consultant Agency Ltd charges HK$12,800 services fees. (No hidden charges)
Fees include : The services fee covers the following items :-
  • One way Air-ticket to Hong Kong.
  • Health examination conducted in foreign domestic helper’s home country.
  • Obtaining relevant government documents ( Inclusive of handling and procedure fee)
  • Hong Kong entry visa
  • Document courier service
  • Airport Transfer upon arrival to Hong Kong.
Additional services not included :- (Can be arranged with additional fee)
Quarantine Hotel (if required)
Hong Kong labor insurance ( Employees Compensation Insurance )
  • Fill in the employer’s personal information.
  • Provide the domestic helper’s resume
  • Video interview with the candidate and employer
  • After the domestic helper candidate is confirmed, and the employment application contract is signed. The employer must initial deposit for the application service fee of HK$6,400.
  • After obtaining the Sri Lankan Consulate seal of the contract document but before applying for the working Visa at the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the employer must pay the balance of the application service fee of $6,400.
  • After the employer has selected a domestic helper candidate and begins the application process, the employer will not to change their choice.
  • If you need to change the domestic helper candidate before the consulate has approved, the contract document will forfeit their initial deposit and must pay a new application fee deposit of HK$6,400.-
  • If the consulate contract document has bee approved and the employer wishes to choose another candidate then the employer must re-apply and pay a new application fee of HK$12,800. In full.
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